Steve Hogan

Steve Hogan has been a firearms instructor for over 25 years. He has been a lobbyist for the NRA and treasurer for The Rhode Island Revolver and Rifle Association. The NRA National Matches at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, OH has been Steve's summer home as a Chief Range Safety Officer for more than 20 years. His vast knowledge of firearms and tenure on the range and in the classroom makes Steve the ideal all around versatile firearms Instructor.

From Beginning to advanced, Steve can help you understand the basic fundamentals of shooting. His easy going, calm relaxed demeanor makes it very enjoyable and easy for a client to learn. If you are struggling with a particular shooting issue or non-consistent accuracy, Steve can quickly diagnose the problem and get you on track with your desired results. Please feel free to book a class with Steve Hogan, He is a highly sought after respected instructor and distinctly regarded in the firearms community. Please feel free to book Steve as your instructor. You will be very pleased. 

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