6 State Concealed Carry Permit Class


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6 State Concealed Carry Permit Courses in One Class!



Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Florida, Utah, Virginia and a Curio and Relics Federal Firearms License

Total cost of Training: $295 for all SIX permit certifications!

WHEN:  Saturday May 11th, 2019

TIME: 9am - 6pm

Where: 560 South County Trail, Exeter, RI

Location: Pine Ridge Indoor Shooting Range

Daria Bruno from Lock Stock & Daria brings you a one of a kind course that will certify you to apply for your Concealed Carry Permit in over 31 states! This type course is not offered by any other company in the MA or RI area so get your spot now!

Here's the scoop:

Daria Bruno's Team be teaching the NRA Basic Pistol Course as the base period of instruction for this event, which will satisfy CT, MA, Virginia, Florida and Maine. We will also provide the minimum training requirement for Utah, cover Utah law, plus give you all you need to apply for your Utah permit (fingerprints, passport photos, application and even an envelope to mail it in.)

Applications for ALL 6 STATES will be provided. You will be responsible for  applicable fees associated with each application submitted. 

Daria's Team has an NRA and Massachusetts State Police Certified Instructor who will teach the NRA Basic Pistol Course and MA law encompassing transportation and storage, yielding a certificate satisfying the requirement to apply for a Massachusetts License to Carry. 

We will then take you in to the range for some trigger time!

We provide fingerprints and photos.

*****IMPORTANT****** THIS IS NOT A LEARN TO SHOOT CLASS!! You will NOT BE INSTRUCTED HOW TO SHOOT HERE! This is a VETTING PORTION....if you are interested in CONCEALED CARRY....YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW HOW TO HANDLE A GUN SAFELY AND SHOOT ACCURATELY ON A TARGET. If you do not think you can pass this shooting portion, please enroll in my Intro to Pistol & Revolver Class....It is the perfect beginners shooting class! That will PREPARE you FOR THIS 6 State Concealed Carry live fire vetting portion.

This block will satisfy all requirements for VA, CT, Maine and Florida. .22 Caliber Firearms and ammunition will be provided.

You may bring your guns and ammo for this vetting portion. Iron sights only unless you are disabled. Shooting consists of 20 shots total on a nine inch target at 25'. Maximum spread on target is 6 inches. 

if you are traveling from out of state, you ARE PERMITTED to bring your legal firearms and ammunition into RI to a shooting range. If you do not have a RI concealed carry permit, you cannot carry your firearm loaded.....please lock it (them) in a case and keep your ammunition SEPARATE (not in the case with the locked gun!) Unlike Massachusetts, you can bring your guns in to a RI range for practice.

When traveling with firearms, under Federal Law your guns must be locked and your ammunition separate. Know your local laws. It is YOUR responsibility.


All 6 States  $295.00


MA ONLY: $100

You can't beat the value of this course! You will receive instruction from some of the best firearms instructors in the state.

PAYMENT: Spaces are limited. Pre-Registration required and payment in full or a deposit of $45.00 to book your spot.