7 State Concealed Carry Permit Class

7 State Concealed Carry Permit Courses in One Class!

Monday Monday December 6, 2021



Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Florida, Utah, Virginia and a Curio and Relics Federal Firearms License

Total cost of Training: $329.00 for all SEVEN permit certifications!

WHEN: Monday December 6, 2021

TIME: 9am - 6pm

Where: Midstate Gun Company

Location: 1200 Tiogue Avenue, Coventry, RI

This is an all day comprehensive class which will give you the qualifications to APPLY to the following states...

Note*** Each State has application fees.

MA, CT, NH, VA, UT, FL, ME and information and application for applying for a Curio & Relics FFL.

This class teaches the Certified NRA Basic Pistol Course and covers Massachusetts and Utah Law.


When: Monday December 6, 2021

Where: Midstate Gun Company

Location: 1200 TIOGUE AVE, Coventry, RI

Time: 9am to 6pm.

Cost: $329 per person for all 7 certifications.

$100 per person for MASSACHUSETTS ONLY.

$100 per person for UTAH ONLY.

The course will give you the credentials to APPLY to:




New Hampshire 




and we will cover had to apply for a Curio and Relics Federal Firearms License.


This one of a kind course will certify you to apply for your Concealed Carry Permits in all 7 which (if you apply to all 7) will give you the reciprocity to carry in over 31 states!

This type course is not offered by any other company in the MA or RI area!

Daria Bruno and her Massachusetts and Utah State Certified Instructors will be teaching the Utah 31 State Permit Course as the base period of instruction for this event.

We will provide all you need to apply for your Utah permit (fingerprints, passport photos, application and even an envelope to mail it in.) NRA Instructor, Dave Jones will cover all UTAH law and NRA and Massachusetts State Certified Instructor, David Balasco will teach the NRA Basic Pistol Course & cover MA law encompassing transportation and storage, satisfying the requirement to apply for a Massachusetts License to carry and transport firearms. 
We will even do your fingerprints for Connecticut.
Applications for ALL 7 STATES WILL BE PROVIDED as well as all instructions, fingerprints (UT & CT), photos and any notary signatures needed.
We then head into the range for some trigger time! This block will satisfy all requirements for Maine and Florida and Virginia.
.22 caliber firearms and ammunition will be provided. You may bring your guns and ammo for this vetting portion. Shooting consists of 20 shots total on a nine inch target at 25' with a maximum spread on target of 6 inches.
Space is limited Pre-registration and a deposit of $50.00 is required. 

Please use PayPal Payment Box below to register or the following options......

Credit Card over the phone: Call/Text Daria 401-441-0111

Any questions or more information...please call/text Daria 401-441-0111.

PAYMENT: Spaces are limited. Pre-Registration required and payment in full or a deposit of $50.00 to book your spot.