Skill Building Courses w/Greg Cruz


Are you READY to TRAIN with Gregory Cruz 

Lots of great classes coming this Spring, Summer and Fall to Exeter, RI....Shanbri Arms



Saturday June 23rd.....LADIES DEFENSIVE HANGUN (see description below)
Saturday July 21st.......DYNAMIC VEHICLE SHOOTING 1
Saturday August 25th..DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN 2
Saturday Sept. 29th....DYNAMIC VEHICLE SHOOTING 2
Saturday Oct. 20th......SHOOTING & MOVING


Details and sign up coming very SOON! Spaces will be very limited so if anything piques your interest now....please text/call 401-441-0111 and I'll get you on the list PRONTO.


Womens Defensive Handgun Clinic w/ Greg Cruz

Saturday June 23, 2018 8:30am - 4pm

Your knowledge of Basic Gun SAFETY and GUN HANDLING is a per-requisite.
Thinking of getting a concealed carry permit? Are you ready to put one on your body and walk around? Let us give you the tools you require to build the confidence you need to carry if you so choose!
You DO NOT NEED a CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT to take this course!
This is going to be a FUN, interactive, skill-based class where you will be doing a high level of shooting. If you already have the basics of target shooting then this is your next move!
There is not another class like this offered in the area!
This is for the woman who wants to increase her basic shooting skills and learn the realities of concealed carry. A concealed carry permit IS NOT REQUIRED for this class, however, if you have one, we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you take this class.
Lock Stock & Daria presents Women's only Tactical Handgun class with Gregory Cruz . This is designed for women looking to enhance their defensive shooting skills in a positive and inclusive environment. This is a class for Women only.
Your knowledge of Basic Gun SAFETY and GUN HANDLING is a pre-requisite.

DATE: Saturday June 23rd (rain or shine)
Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Shanbri Arms
Cost: $125
What you'll need:
300 Rounds
Ear and eye protection
Serviceable handgun
3 Magazines or speed loaders for your handgun
We can provide guns, holsters and equipment if needed! Don't let that stop you! Call/Text Daria 401-441-0111
Course Description:
Highly skilled and experienced instructors Gregory Cruz and Daria Bruno will cover key topics including:
-Weapons manipulation
-Shooting and moving
-Shooting from behind a cover.
-Technical considerations when carrying a Sidearm for self-defense.
-Pros and cons of small concealed carry guns versus midsize or full-size service pistols.
-Where to conceal on your body.
$50 REGISTRATION FEE IS REQUIRED. Please call/text Daria 401-441-0111 or PAYPAL payment to Please indicate what class you are taking when making your deposit.
Any questions, please call/text Daria 401-441-0111



Lock Stock and Daria presents Dynamic Vehicle Shooting Level 1 w/Greg Cruz

A concealed carry permit is not required for this class. If you do have one, you will find yourself  carrying in your vehicle ALOT! Have you thought about a threat happening in or around your car when you are in it? Have you thought about what you will do in that case? Have you trained for it? THIS IS THE CLASS to help you start thinking about what you would and actually can do! 

DATE: Saturday July 21st (rain or shine)
Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Shanbri Arms 332 South County Trail, Exeter, RI
Cost: $300


Class description.

This class is designed to give students the opportunity to shoot in, around and from vehicles. 
This is an intermediate to advanced class that requires students to have a detailed understanding of safety, weapons manipulations and marksmanship. 

Not limited to handgun. 

Fee: $300.

A $100 deposit is required to hold a space. Class-size is limited to 12 slots. To register call / text 401-441-0111 or send $100 depsoit thru PAYPAL to 

Please indicate the class you are taking.

Key takeaways / learnings:

¥How to present a firearm toward a thread without flagging you or others in the vehicle.
¥How to shoot from odd positions with and without a seatbelt.
¥Deflection caused by windshield glass. How to address that.
¥The difference between cover and concealment. Understanding we are hard cover is around a vehicle.
¥What rounds will penetrate the vehicle and how.

Needed for class:

¥350 to 500 rounds.
¥Serviceable handgun or any gun of your choice including rifle with sling!
¥Strong side belt holster (must retain shape of gun)
¥Minimum three magazines and or speed loaders.
¥Blue Gun if you have one
¥Chamber Flag for your pistol
¥Ear and eye protection
¥Water, food, snacks and lunch.
¥A few rounds of your defensive ammo to test penetration of doors.
¥Appropriate clothing based on weather conditions. This class will happen in the rain or in the sun plan accordingly

NOT SURE? Need more info? Call/Text Daria 401-441-0111. I will be happy to help or register you never the phone if you don't prefer Paypal.


Dynamics of Shooting & Moving w/ Greg Cruz

Lock Stock & Daria Welcomes you the Dynamics of Shooting & Moving with Greg Cruz. (Skill level: Intermediate) 

If you LOVE to shoot then this class is for YOU!


Prerequisite: Other defensive or tactical shooting class with Greg, Daria or any another recognized training organization. 

WHEN: October 20th, 2018

Where: Shanbri Arms 332 South County Trail, Exeter, RI

Course Description:

You've done the basics. You have drawn from a holster, shot at multiple targets and worked on mag changes and fixing misfires and doublefeeds. You've practied some shooting while moving and relaoding. Shot from behind cover. Well now it's time to take a giant step forward.

This workshop will provide you the opportunity to enhance your fundamental skills and techniques. This is a fast paced shooting class and will teach you mulitple shooting drills while building confidence and marksmanship! You'll learn the techniques you need for perfect practice. You have it in you, now lets put it to work!

Topics covered:
•Shooting from cover
•Point shooting
•Ready positions (compressed and low ready)
•Presentations to the left, to the right and to the rear
•Speed and tactical reloads
•Verbal commands
•Multiple targets
•Par time shot drills
•Targets engaged from 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 to 25 yards.

Items needed for class:
•Ear protection / eye protection
•Serviceable handgun or rifle .
•300-400 rounds of ammunition (more is better).  
•Strong sided belt holster (hard formed leather or Kydex
holster preferred) and magazine pouches. Note: Alternative
carry positions and IWB holsters allowed 
•Strong belt
•3 - 4 magazines, or speed loaders (more mags are better). 
•Water, snacks and or refreshments
•Back up side arm (guns break so you may wish to bring an
extra firearm).
•Comfortable clothing

Cost $225 per person

Deposit: $100 Required to register. Please send PayPal Payments to or call/text Daria 401-441-0111 to make a credit card payment over the phone.