For the past 2 years Lock Stock & Daria has sponsored and conducted a Shooting Program For the Girl Scouts of Southern New England to introduce them to the sport safely. This program has been met with great success. I am pleased to hear that some of the Girl Scout Troops around the country are now incorporating earning MERIT BADGES for Rifle Shooting, into their curriculum, a discipline, which in the past, was reserved for the Boy Scouts. 

Way to go Girls!

Recently I was approached by Troop Leader Katie Kress who gave her troop an assignment to find a resource page about rifle safety and one of her troop members found THIS page which I am happily sharing with you know to commend her efforts!

Remember, anytime you are involved in the shooting sports, it is all about SAFETY! SAFETY first, last and always! This way everyone always has a great time!

To read the link on gun safety, please Click HERE

Thanks girls and STAY SAFE!