Blue Card Study Guide

Study Guide for Blue Card Test (Rhode Island DEM Pistol Revolver Certification)

How can I buy a HANDGUN in RI?

Want to buy a HANDGUN in RI? You need to have a "Blue Card" or have completed the Hunter Safety Course and possess an "Orange Card".


The Blue Card does one thing and one thing only! It allows you to purchase a handgun in the state of Rhode Island. It is not a possession license, or a license to carry a firearm concealed, nor is it a transportation serves one purpose and one purpose only.....allows you to buy a handgun in RI. You can take the Blue Card test at any gun shop in RI. They can also provide you with the Blue Card Study Guide.

How do I get a Blue Card

You must complete and pass a 50 Question Test at RI DEM or at any gun shop in RI to obtain a "Blue Card". In addition to the BLUE CARD, you must have a RI Driver's License or ID, or green card with two "bills", electric, gas, etc; you must PASS TWO (2) BACKGROUND CHECKS, one Federal and one Local and wait 7 days before you can pick it up.

We highly recommend you study the guide before you take the test.