Blue Card Study Guide

Study Guide for Blue Card Test (Rhode Island DEM Pistol Revolver Certification)

How can I buy a HANDGUN in RI?

Want to buy a HANDGUN in RI? You need to have a "Blue Card" or have completed the Hunter Safety Course and possess an "Orange Card".


The Blue Card does one thing and one thing only! It allows you to purchase a handgun in the state of Rhode Island. It is not a possession license, or a license to carry a firearm concealed, nor is it a transportation serves one purpose and one purpose only.....allows you to buy a handgun in RI if you are a Rhode Island resident. If you are not a resident of RI, you can still purchase a handgun but it must be shipped to an FFL in the state where you legally reside.  You can take the Blue Card test at any gun shop in RI. They can also provide you with the Blue Card Study Guide, or CLICK HERE to read ONLINE.

How do I get a Blue Card

You must complete and pass a 50 Question Test at RI DEM or at any gun shop in RI to obtain a "Blue Card". In addition to the BLUE CARD, you must have a RI Driver's License or Rhode Island ID, or green card with two "bills", electric, gas, etc; you must PASS TWO (2) BACKGROUND CHECKS, one Federal and one Local, and wait 7 days (unless you have a Rhode Island city or town issued concealed carry permit**) before you can pick it up. 

Many people who live out of Rhode Island ask if they can or how they can obtain a RI Blue Card. There is actually no need or benefit for non-residents to obtain a Blue Card other than if you want to read the safety booklet and pass the test for your own edification. Other than that it serves no purpose.

We highly recommend you study the guide before you take the test.

** Rhode Island city or town issued concealed carry permit holders are exempt from the 7 day waiting period. Permits issued thru the Attorney General's Office are NOT EXEMPT from the 7 day waiting period.