Daria Bruno

I was born in and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, where I have lived on and off most of my life until I left RI in 2000 and moved to West Monroe, Louisiana (HOME OF DUCK DYNASTY!) for a career opportunity.

Louisiana is where I developed and grew my passion for pistols, revolvers and modern sporting rifles.

When I moved back in 2009 and eventually sold my LA business in 2010, I realized that I wanted to be a full-time firearms instructor. So I started the process of obtaining my NRA pistol certifications while I was creating a pro-gun, pro-2nd Amendment Gun-Talk Show on 920am WHJJ Radio.

Lock Stock and Daria debuted August 28, 2010 and has gained a great deal of notoriety since.

In the past several years, there has been an increased interest in the shooting sports and gun ownership. There is currently a great demand for firearms training, especially handguns. As people are becoming more aware of the importance of self-protection, they are seeking to purchase guns and acquire the training that comes with the responsibility of gun ownership.

This is where I come in.....

I have the expertise, patience and teaching skills to bring even the most trepidatious shooter to the next level. I can instruct anybody at any age as long as you are willing to listen and learn.

I can even instruct students with physical limitations.

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My certifications include:

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, NRA Home Firearms Safety Instructor, NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor, NRA Range Safety Office and National Sporting Clays Association Level 1 Sporting Clays Instructor.

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Hope to see you on the range soon!