COVID-19 Update:

I am conducting training at this time. ALL scheduled classes will go on ahead as planned.

These are very challenging times right now. Luckily, we are able to continue to operate and provide needed services to our existing clients and new ones as well. 

With the coronavirus affecting the health of our communities, loved ones, and economy I found it important to let every one of my clients and future clients know about the precautions being taken by not only myself and team at Lock Stock & Daria, but also the ranges where my classes are still taking place.

The Governor of the state of Rhode Island has determined that firearms training and gun ranges are essential businesses during this time and that they will remain open. Many firearms owners are now looking to review their skills and ability to use firearms safely. Also, there are many new first-time gun owners seeking out training. So it’s important that they have a safe outlet to do this with people who are certified and licensed to provide this training. With that being said there are rules that both the ranges and myself are following strictly to maintain health and safety guidelines for all students of Lock Stock & Daria. 

All firearms being used in my trainings are disinfected prior to any trainings as well as immediately after. All students will also be provided with their own sealed safety glasses to keep. Sanitized hearing protection is included.

It is of the utmost importance that Lock Stock & Daria not only equips you to use a firearm safely, but also provides you with a safe environment.

Lock Stock & Daria is here for all of your training and safety needs and I look forward to helping you do that through and after this pandemic.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Daria Bruno




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