Beth Bennett

In Beth's Words......

"I came to the world of firearms later in life. My husband always had a gun in our home as well as his coin shop.  Years ago a masked armed robber entered his shop in East Greenwich and shot my husband and he shot husband went to hospital and then gratefully came home after surgery...the robber went to jail.  Even with this experience I never felt the need to learn to use a gun...The gun was in the safe and my husband was my protector.  I placed my safety in his hands and he willfully took that responsibility.  When he passed away the gun sat locked in the safe and I was scared to death of it.

One year later I opened the safe and gingerly touched it and illogically thought it would spin and shot me...I had to make a decision to sell it or learn to shoot it. 

I booked a class with Daria in 2012 and the rest is history.  I credit Daria with having confidence in me to not only learn to use the gun but she was also the driving force for me to become a certified NRA handgun instructor.  I have never forgotten my apprehension that first class and that is why teaching Basic Pistol and Revolver is my love.  My goal to to work with you to build a solid foundation based on the safe use and handling of a handgun. 

My approach is to guide you from entering the door to the range till you exit the door.  My desire is to help you build a level of confidence so that you have no hesitation in returning to practice and build your shooting skills.  We cover the safety rules, gun etiquette, travel, how to load, clear and shoot a gun, as well as malfunctions and ammunition.  Beginner shooters are very dear to me...we all must start somewhere and it is my focus for you to discover your wings...then you can branch off to achieve your personal goals.  I consider myself the “housewife shooter”. I am never going hunting or going to be a competitor....I simply want to feel safe in my home and using a firearm safely and appropriately is my choice to do that. 

When I speak with most people this is their goal also.  Protecting our families is key....

I have recently also become a NRA certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor which I will weave into your class as well by speaking about situational awareness.  

Your choice to take the Basic Pistol and Revolver Class is exactly the right stepping off point to learning to use and handle a gun safely...It is my promise to do my best to help you build your confidence and primary skills so you will walk away with a firm and solid foundation to build on."