You're thinking about taking that  leap to buy a gun, OR buy ANOTHER gun!'re just not exactly sure what you want and you know that once you buy that gun and decide that you don't like it, or it's simply not a good match for you, you can't just return it and get your money back. Well you can, but the gun shop you bought it from will give you 1/2 what you paid because now the gun is considered "USED".

You also know that guns hops won't let you try before you buy! 

BUT I DO without the commitment of having to buy!

If there is a particular gun you would like to try or you're not exactly sure what to settle on, and want to try a bunch of different guns, you have come to the right place.

  Try an assortment of pistols and revolvers before you buy. If there is a rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader on your mind, I offer that too! So this is NOT limited to handguns.

Have something particular in mind? Email and find out if I have it!

Ammo, eye, ear protection included! 2 hours. Plus receive a new LOCK STOCK & DARIA Pistol Case FREE!

Class fee is $165.00 and runs 2 hours.

Click HERE to book!