Concealed Carry

Authored by Daria Chase
November 12, 2015


Providence is ISSUING CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS.....unfortunately they are charging $250 ($40 is the fee according to the state statute)....another battle for another day.....however....

Here is an email I received from a client last week.....

Daria, good afternoon.

I met with Sergeant Tejada a few minutes ago, and have my permit in hand.
They received the application on Wednesday September 9th, I had a call from Sergeant Tejada the following Tuesday at which point he said everything looked to be in order, and that Colonel Clements would receive it soon after.

I called Sergeant Tejada on Tuesday October 20th, and he told me I had been approved. I met him the 21st for a thumbprint and signature. He told me then that the completed permit had to go back to Chief Clements for his signature, and to be laminated. I called today and he said it was all set, and that he sent me a text Friday (23rd) but it must've gone to the wrong number.
Anyway.. Permit in hand!

Seven weeks total, but if my schedule allowed it would likely have been less.
Also, Sergeant Tejada is very nice, a pleasant person to deal with, and helpful.

Thank you again for all of your help!!

You're the BEST!



Oh and PS…they put this on the back of my card…REASON: PERSONAL SAFETY


Kudos to Warwick's Board of Public Safety for doing a great job issuing Conceal Carry Permits lately in accordance with RI Statute 11-47-11 and RI Supreme Court Decision Gadomski vs. Tavarves.

I received a phone call this morning from a client who went before the board last night and said he was approved. He said he was a little nervous after hearing they were a tough board to meet, however, he said they were accommodating, asked fair questions and finally approved his application. Congratulations Tim and thanks for your fair assessment of the Warwick's Public Safety Board.

Looking for help getting a RI Concealed Carry Permit? Call 401-441-0111 for details and info! 




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